Payment Plan

1. How does the payment plan work?

  • When you sign up for a payment plan, your balance is divided into 5,4,3, or 2 equal monthly payments based on the enrollment date.
  • The sooner you enroll in the payment plan the more installments there are available.
  • Your first installment plus the payment plan fee ($30) is due when you set up your payment (one-time fee).
  • Monthly installments are automatically scheduled and deducted from your account.

2. Can anyone sign up for a payment plan?

  • This payment plan is only available to students who are enrolled in the current term.
  • You cannot qualify if you have been referred to a collection agency for past due balances.
  • You can sign up by logging into MYUH. Search for then click on the “Enroll in Payment Plan” task.

3. My parents pay for my tuition. Can they sign up for a payment plan?

  • Yes, authorize your parent or some other third party or guardian as an Authorized User on your account. A student’s account may only have one payment plan per semester.

4. What are the payment methods for the payment plan?

  • When signing up you must select a payment method: debit card/credit card/ or automatic deduction from your checking or savings account.

5. If I signed up for a payment plan in the Fall do I have to sign up again for the Spring?

  • Yes, to apply for another payment plan for the following semester you will have to sign up again and pay the $30 fee.
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